2013 Expansion Plans

When Mister President passed away in December, it made for a very rough end to the year. But one thing that got me through it all was remembering how much I still have to be grateful for. For instance, Laura has been pregnant since late spring — with twins. Twins! Pure craziness.

For various reasons, I haven’t talked about it publicly yet, but the time to do so is now. With twins, doctors tend to want them to come out before they reach the full nine-month mark, so in just a little while we’re going into the hospital where her doctors will induce labor. If everything goes well, sometime in the next day or two we’ll add an ‘identical’ pair of baby boys to our family.

Baby A

Here’s a picture of one of them — “Baby A” — from just a few days ago. “Baby B” was camera shy that day, and they couldn’t get a good shot of him — but they’re twins, so you can imagine what he looks like, right?

That’s all for now. Wish us luck.

  1. What IS it with people having twins these days? I swear you’re something like the 10th couple I’ve heard of in the last year who are having twins.

    At any rate, I digress: huge congratulations and all the best to you all!

  2. Great news. Congratulations and all luck to you and your familiy.
    Best wishes from Germany, Nicolas

  3. Good luck! I’ve met a couple twin parents at the park, and when we talk about the kid’s age, they are always doing mental arithmetic in their heads, because the kids are preemie. Looks like you won’t have that problem since the kids are full term. But since it’s your second go, you probably wouldn’t be fretting about milestones anyway–that’s for first timers with loads of time on their hands.

  4. Huge congratulations to you and Laura! I’m a twin myself (I have a twin brother) and so maybe I’m biased… but I think twins are awesome. Double the trouble, and double the fun. Best of luck for a smooth delivery!

  5. Congrats to you both, Khoi. Looking forward to your blog returning when they’re out of high school.

  6. Your fans in Bloomington, Illinois are sending love to you, Laura, Thuy and “the boys.” May the day go smoothly. What an accomplishment for you all and the fun is just starting! Kiss Jan for us, too.

  7. Khoi, sorry to hear about Mr. President. It was his pic on your site that made me think about getting another dog/friend after I lost my childhood pet. For 50 years it has been something I avoided thinking about. I share your pain. Such a beautiful canine he was!

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