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I’m actually a big fan of Courier, so I’m intrigued by this project from screenwriter John August, who regards the ubiquitous typeface as a key tool of his trade. August writes:

“In July 2012, I asked type designer Alan Dague-Greene to come up with a new typeface that matched the metrics of Courier — thus protecting line breaks and page counts — while addressing some of its weak spots… Alan rose to the challenge, creating a typeface that is unmistakably Courier, but subtly improved in ways you wouldn’t necessarily notice at first.”

Courier Prime is available now for free. Read more and download it at


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  1. I’ve been using it for the past week for all longform writing and for code. It’s enjoyable for writing; jury’s out on whether it will dethrone Monaco for code. But it’s an exceptionally well-made rendition of the classic.

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