Double-exposure Photography


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I’ve always had a soft spot for double-exposure photography, and how it crosses over from image capture into a form of graphic design. I’m most impressed when the exposures are all done in the camera (rather than in Photoshop), because to me it seems very close to laying out elements in the real world.

Here is some work from two photographers who have really mastered the form. They both work in very similar styles, and I have no idea if one can claim precedent over the other, so I’ll just list them alphabetically.

First off is Anette Ivanova.

Anette Ivanova 1
Anette Ivanova 2
Anette Ivanova 3

And here’s work from Christoffer Relander.

Christopffer Relander 1
Christopffer Relander 2
Christopffer Relander 3

I’ve put together this Bitly bundle which points to portfolios for each.


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