Michael Heilemann Takes Apart iOS 7


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Heilemann, interface director at Squarespace, takes the new design to task in a few short, punchy and very incisive posts. The first one calls Apple on the fact that iOS 7’s lock screen is not just a usability faux pas, but a huge problem in that it is the gateway to the world’s most popular mobile computing experience. The second article cites an example of the OS’s poor attention to detail. And the third talks about the difficulty of understanding whether the OS is signalling a button or a state. Well worth reading.

Update: Wait, there’s a fourth article too. Also well worth reading.



  1. I find it disturbing how thoroughly I agree with everything Michael writes. It begs the question: who at Apple lost their common sense when approving all these downgrades?

  2. There is a danger if Apple provoking the creation of their own iOS fragmentation, with users recommending each other not to upgrade to v7. (Apologies for the double post. This thought came the instant I clicked ‘submit’.)

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