Cards Are the Future of the Web


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This post by startup Intercom is a little self-serving, but it does hit the nail on the head for something that is happening right now: a fundamental shift towards a new interface paradigm based on cards, or compact, specialized, focused units of mobile-optimized functionality. To its credit, Google has been talking about this for some time, and others are starting to concur. In my view, cards could very well be what the mobile web is supposed to look like. Read more here.



  1. No doubt. That said, it was a design motif and paradigm that was rampant on the web a decade ago that ceded ground to new things. I’d expect something similar to happen in mobile as well.

  2. And before Google there was another startup, Citia*, making its case that cards are the future!
    *Disclaimer: I work for Citia and LOVE our product 🙂

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