Origins of the Trapper Keeper


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I feel like I’ve just been relieved of a tremendous burden I never knew that I had. For serious, I am so happy to learn the story of how Trapper Keepers came to be. For those who did not grow up with them as a coveted school supply&#58′;

“Launched in 1978 by the Mead Corporation (which was acquired by ACCO Brands in 2012&#41, Trapper Keeper notebooks are brightly colored three-ring binders that hold folders called Trappers and close with a flap. From the start, they were an enormous success: For several years after their nationwide release, Mead sold over US$100 million of the folders and notebooks a year. To date, some 75 million Trapper Keepers have flown off store shelves.”

Read the whole story ̵ which I admit is somewhat unremarkable, but which I savored word for word nevertheless — at Mental Floss. Via Digg.


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