The Architecture of Density


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German-born photographer Michael Wolf’s photographs of Hong Kong urbanism are beautiful and horrifying. They are architectural abstractions of the city’s towering apartment buildings and the endless pattern of windows that cover them.

Michael Wolf - The Architecture of Density
Michael Wolf - The Architecture of Density
Michael Wolf - The Architecture of Density

His entire portfolio is stunning, really. See it here.



  1. Gavin: there’s a clear throughline that connects Michael Wolf’s work to Gursky’s work, yes. I would say that they are in the same artistic school. Wolf’s work is similar but it has its own value.

  2. This is looking through the glasses of someone who has never had any firsthand experience of that kind of urbanism. We are looking through the eyes of a culture that likes to label everything, where expectation and reality and so different from the rest of the world. First world people with their first world diseases and their first world problems… To the rest of the world, the world where there is no running water or electricity (yes most of the world does not have running water and electricity) , this could be their chance in life, their chance to have a roof of their head, something to strive for. This is a simple solution to a problem, how do you house so many on so little land and make it affordable? Ans: Build high and repeated modules to reduce cost. You call it ART??? Most call it life. It’s such a luxury others strife, struggle, like before mentioned, First world views, first world problems, first world disease…

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