Steven Soderbergh on His Favorite Bond Film


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The prolific director writes about his affection for “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”:

“For me there’s no question that cinematically ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ is the best Bond film and the only one worth watching repeatedly for reasons other than pure entertainment (certainly it’’s the only Bond film I look at and think: I’m stealing that shit). It’s like [director] Peter Hunt (who cut the first five Bond films) took all the ideas of the French new wave and blended them with Eisenstein in a Cuisinart to create a grammar that still tops today’s how-fast-can-you-cut aesthetic.”

I agree, it’s a terrific film, though I’m not sure it would edge out “From Russia, with Love,” for me as the most interesting installment in the franchise. Read full article here.



  1. I recently rewatched On Her Mahesty’s Secret Services and realized it’s a much better film than I used to think. However, I agree with you about from Russia With Love. Easily my favorite fill in the Bond franchise.

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