U-Haul Super Graphics


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Two decades ago, U-Haul moving vans and trailers started sporting surprisingly engaging illustrations on their sides. Granted, they weren’t high art, but they were tasteful, at least, and they were a commendably restrained use of what amounts to thousands of highly mobile, highly visible billboard spaces. According to the company:

“The space each graphic occupies on our trucks is priceless. It’s not for sale. We could sell this space to corporate America, but U-Haul believes we must give something back to the communities we serve…Over 250 different images have been created since the Super Graphics program began, each one honoring individual states and provinces, and saluting North America’s public.”

Now someone clever over at U-Haul has finally compiled all the graphics into one place on U-Haul’s Web site. Go spot the ones you know well, and/or the ones from your home state.