User Onboarding


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This “frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences” could turn into a valuable resource. Its purpose is to break down the design, user experience, marketing and customer touchpoint aspects of how various successful Web products bring first-time users into the fold. The list of teardowns so far is not enormous, but each is thoughtful and revealing. My biggest complaint, though, is that these are focused on the desktop Web; teardowns of mobile native apps are much more critical, I find, and would make for a much more revealing survey.




  1. As the person behind, I’m very flattered it was mentioned – thank you!

    The response so far has been awesome, and requests for mobile teardowns has easily been the strongest signal to date.

    While I look to incorporate mobile into the mix, definitely also check out – they’re a great resource for mobile-only workflow screenshots. (no affiliation, just an honest endorsement)

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