The Dissolve on “The Awful Truth”

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, film site The Dissolve posted a discussion about Leo McCarey’s 1937 sublime screwball comedy “The Awful Truth.” I’ve watched this comedic masterpiece over a dozen times and it never stops being thoroughly charming; I’d rank it among my top five — probably my top three — favorite movies of all time.

I’m not sure if The Dissolve’s extensive dissection of the movie will make a lot of sense if you haven’t seen it, but that can be remedied easily. A Google search yields plenty of online spots where it’s available for streaming in its entirety (Veoh, for instance) and some of them look like they’re maybe even quasi-legal or better. You can also purchase it from iTunes, and if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you can stream it for free. However you do it, it will brighten your Valentine’s Day.


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