A Typographic Approach to Email

Design studio 1910 have some interesting thoughts on the arrested state of email typography.

One thing that’s always struck us as odd is the way typography of email applications has been left untouched since the early days of the internet. Even modern applications released in the post-PC era mostly forget about this, focusing on new ways of managing your inbox, various forms of social integration, or on the appearance of a flat surface instead.

It’s one of those blindingly obvious insights that has somehow escaped most of us for years. The nature of email protocols and the dramatically uneven distribution of taste among the authors of email programs probably means that this problem will not get addressed on a widespread basis anytime soon. But individual clients can probably start to make some strides. If we can get an email app that looks anywhere nearly as good as 1910’s example, I’ll be happy:

A Typographic Approach to Email, from 1910
A proposal for a typographic approach to email.

Read the article in its entirety at 1910’s blog.


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