Teehan + Lax + Sketch 3

Just announced yesterday: the Toronto design studio’s famous iOS 7 templates will ship as a part of the forthcoming Sketch 3 update. This makes perfect sense; personally, I find myself opening the templates several times a week, and when I move to a new machine, they are among the first things I download.

Teehan + Lax’s iOS 7 Template for Sketch

In his announcement, Geoff Teehan makes this interesting comment:

For as long as we’ve offered the [PSD version of these templates] we’ve been asked by other software developers to include versions of it in their software. We have said no to every one. So why are we saying yes to Bohemian Coding?

Teehan explains that his team has taken note of Sketch’s surging popularity. Though he doesn’t discuss numbers, one could read between the lines and guess that the Sketch-formatted versions of their templates have seen significant downloads, and that they’re sensing a shift in the market — even as the Teehan+Lax designers have not yet made the switch themselves.

Most of us here at Teehan+Lax are still using Photoshop, but we’ll all be putting Sketch 3 through its paces once publicly released… Ultimately we believe that Sketch has a very bright future and we want to be part of shaping that future.

No word if there will be an iPad version of these templates, though.


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