ScanLAB Projects

Noise: Error in the Void” is an exhibition at London’s Surface Gallery by 3D scanning experts ScanLAB Projects. It includes two films made using the company’s scanning technology, “NOISE//01” and “NOISE//02.”

Each film is composed of “a series of orbits around a single, unedited, scan captured in Berlin in November 2013.” While this technology is capable of producing virtual replicas of amazing fidelity, for these works ScanLAB chooses instead to emphasize the errors and glitches in the capture process.

Here we see the unedited view of the world as seen through the eyes of the LIDAR machine. Reality is shrouded in a cloud of mistaken measurements, confused surfaces and misplaced three dimensional reflections.

The results are mesmerizing — or at least they are in the preview clip shown below.

ScanLAB’s portfolio is also well worth a look if you want to see what 3D scanning is capable of, and the surprising variety of its applications. For instance, the company may accompany an arctic exhibition in order to “capture in forensic detail the 3D form of Arctic Sea Ice,” or they might create a virtual replica of priceless military coat. The future is here and in all kinds of forms, apparently.


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