Brian Lovin on Design Details

Lovin, if that is in fact his true last name, is a product manager at Buffer. He’s been writing superb, succinct observations on particularly well designed details in various digital products at his blog.

His comments are keen and illuminating. What I particularly like about his posts is that they fully appreciate the power of transitional animations in these products’ interfaces. He takes great care to showcase examples of interfaces in action, like this example from the iPhone app Sunrise.

A lot of what the Web collects today from well-designed products is static screen captures. Those tell part of the story, but to sample the current breed of apps only in that way seems anachronistic to me; we are already knee-deep into an era of richly animated interfaces and yet our ability to capture and curate them, much less discuss and learn from them, seems stuck in an Internet predicated on pages instead of applications. Everything around the idea of animation in interfaces seems ready to take a big leap forward.


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