The Last Record Shop

A community artspace in Hamtramck, Michigan is planning this fall to turn its gallery space into a fictional record shop, replete with fictional albums. They’re soliciting the public at large — designers, really — to create made-up record sleeves for made-up bands, which they will use to stock the shop’s bins.

The finished sleeve should feature artwork back and front, including the artist/band’s name and track listing, along with — and this is important — artwork for the spindle label. Plus, liner notes, band bios, lyrics, however much (or little) you want to include — anything that brings to life your imaginary band’s legendary album.

This sounds like it could be incredibly fun; I can’t wait to see the results. If the organizers receive enough high quality submissions, they hope to print a book memorializing the show, which only runs from 7 Sep through 18 Oct. More information here.


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