Firefox 29

I pretty much use three browsers continuously every day, but the browser I spend the most time in — out of choice — is still Firefox, despite the fact that it has gotten steadily less and less popular over the years. I appreciate Chrome’s sleek dependability and Safari’s deeply integrated Apple-ness. But I still like Firefox best, mostly for individual, quirky features that I’ve become accustomed to and don’t want to give up. I also happen to like its refreshed design, which after much road testing in beta form was finally released with version 29.0 late last month.

Firefox 29.0

Firefox’s golden age on the desktop is well over, and the organization behind it seems to be investing more effort into the browser’s future as a mobile operating system (which strikes me as perhaps even less of a sure thing). But I still get a good deal of satisfaction out of supporting the Mozilla Foundation and its good works. And more than that, I like using a browser that is not owned by one of the major tech companies; that’s an independence that is becoming rare and may one day become a luxury.


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