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This got a tremendous response when I tweeted it last week so I thought it was worth repeating here. A trio of friends had the idea to distribute these stickers that riff on the prevalence of apps — their goal is to encourage people to put down their smartphones and engage with the physical world.

Not Available on the App Store
Not Available on the App Store

The team behind the project Rafael Ochoa, Caio Andrade and Linn Livijn Wexell appear to be studying at Hyper Island, though they seem to be reluctant to call much attention to themselves. When I emailed them to get a bit more of the back story on these stickers, they wrote back a friendly but short reply:

You need to see the big smile on our face every time we receive a new email. We are really happy to see all the attention the project is receiving.
Anyone can download the .pdf for free on the site, our goal isn’t to make money, it’s just to spread the word.

We got a pretty funny email from a parent who was on his away to buy an iPad for his son, saw the project and decided to buy something else. Pretty cool but I do not know if the child liked the idea.

You can get the stickers for yourself at


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