Dear Massimo Vignelli

Massimo Vignelli

The great Massimo Vignelli, legendary designer who shaped much of the late Twentieth Century’s visual language, is seriously ill. Creative Reviews says that he “will be spending his last days at home.” This makes me terribly sad; Vignelli is a personal hero and his work means a lot to me.

Michael Bierut, who worked at Vignelli Associates early in his career, relays a message from Massimo’s son, Luca:

Luca said that Massimo would be thrilled to get notes of good wishes from people whom he’s touched or influenced — whether personally or remotely — over the years. Luca has visions of huge mail bags full of letters. I know that one of Massimo’s biggest fantasies has been to attend his own funeral. This will be the next best thing. Pass the word.

Notes, letters and cards can be sent to:

Massimo Vignelli
130 East 67 Street
New York, New York 10021

Finally, here is a wonderful video in which Vignelli narrates his thought process when designing books. It’s a short, powerful reminder of what a fantastic brain he has.


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