Cover Art for the Muddle Ages

One addendum to yesterday’s post about Elvis Costello: almost without exception, the covers for every one of his post-1980s albums were just terrible. It was hard for me to muster much enthusiasm for “When I Was Cruel,” for example, when the art for it was so unenthusiastic itself.

So here’s a cover I made for my playlist of Costello’s best songs from 1990 on, with an illustration of Costello courtesy of artist Justyna Wycislak. You can see more of her amazing work at Deviant Art.

Cover Art for The Muddle Ages

And in case you missed it, the playlist is on Rdio and embedded courtesy of that service below. It’s also on Spotify—except for one of the tracks, “When I Was Cruel No. 2,” which is missing from their streaming catalog.