Kidpost Public Beta


I’m happy to announce that starting today Kidpost is in public beta! You can head over to right now and start using it right away. During this period, Kidpost is entirely free; when we launch we’ll be charging a nominal fee, but early adopters will get a discount.

Here’s a quick refresher on what Kidpost is: it’s a simple service for parents that emails the kid-related stuff you post to Facebook and Instagram out to your friends and family.

Why would you use this? Let’s say you have technologically-challenged grandparents, or a sibling or friend who conspicuously abstains from Facebook usage, or an aunt or uncle who just forgets to check. These people mean a lot to you, and your kids mean a lot to them. But you don’t want to make them sign up for a new account somewhere, or download and install a new app, or check yet another web site in order to see the latest goings on with your kids.

Kidpost keeps your loved ones connected in a super-lightweight, elegant fashion. All you have to do, as the parent, is add the hashtag #kidpost to the photos, videos or updates that you post, and that content is automagically bundled into a daily email that gets sent to a private subscriber list that you define. That’s it. The email looks like this:


Right now Kidpost works with Facebook and Instagram (we’ll be adding these services soon). You can connect more than one account for each of those services to it, so both parents can get all of their kid-related stuff into one Kidpost daily email. As we’ve been building the service, it’s actually worked great for me—I often miss the photos of my kids that my wife posts, but now they get sent to me automatically, once a day. Even better, our friends and family have gotten hooked on it; it’s the funnest email that most people will get all day.

We think you’ll feel the same way too, once you give it a try. We’ve worked hard to make Kidpost as easy and fun to use as possible, and we’re eager to start hearing feedback from real users. Head over to and sign up for it now.


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