The First Picture Show

Larry Fahey blogs about the movies that he watches with his children at The First Picture Show.

Just because kids will sit through the same movie a dozen times doesn’t mean they should. And just because they’re excited to see the movies advertised on the sides of buses doesn’t mean that’s all they should watch. My goal is to make sure my kids understand everything movies can be, and introduce them to some new ideas in the process. And if it means I never have to sit through “Meet the Robinsons” again? All the better. We watch a different movie every week, and I write about them here.

Entries include the amazing Muhammad Ali documentary “When We Were Kings,” the immortal “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure,” and the noir classic (that’s probably still too edgy for kids but what the heck) “Out of the Past.” In short, an eclectic variety of films sure to broaden any kid’s horizons. This is a wonderful project. I want to do something exactly like it with my kids.