Crisp Christie, the Sandwich

My wife and I have some very creative friends who hold an annual sandwich party in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. What’s a sandwich party? The rules are: invent a brand new sandwich, give it a clever name, and make enough of that sandwich to feed “bigger-than-bite-sized pieces” for about twelve people. The result is a usually delicious and occasionally bizarre feast.

This year, Laura and I invented The Crisp Christie Bridge Scandal. Ingredients: mortadella, provolone, salami, parsley, potato chips and spicy red pepper and raspberry mascarpone cheese on an unglazed donut (we wanted to use a Krispy Kreme donut but we don’t live close to one so we settled for a donut from Dough)—once assembled, we cut the sandwich in half so that each side forms a vaguely bridge-like shape.

The Crisp Christie Bridge Scandal

So that was my weekend.