Comixology Wants to Know

Speaking of comics, Comixology, the leading platform for buying and reading digital comics, sent out a survey to its customers today. It asks a number of background questions such as, do you buy print or digital comics, how often, what device do you read them on, etc. But the nub of the questionnaire comes more than halfway through, when the company finally works up enough courage to ask what customers think of Comixology’s acquisition by Amazon.

Comixology Survey

I give them credit for asking this; it’s a question that companies almost never put to their customers. They deserve some extra credit for this, too, especially after the controversy over the removal of its storefront from its iOS apps, the management team and its new corporate parent must be aware of the substantial enmity that they’ve inspired in many of their most loyal customers. Of course, the survey also never actually asks the specific question of whether users see the removal of the in-app storefront as a negative or a positive, which would have gotten to the true heart of the matter.