Chatnarong Jingsuphatada’s versatile type family Tolyer is on sale at You Work for Them for just US$15 until Sep 12. The breadth of the family is impressive: it comes in five weights—Thin, Light, Book, Regular and Bold—with each weight coming in oblique as well as Roman flavors, and within each weight and style, also comes in four different heights. As if that weren’t enough, the family bundle includes ten display variants like 3D, Handmade, Outline, Wood and more. Fifty fonts in total.

Tolyer Font

Admittedly, Tolyer is not likely to win any awards for the fineness of its details or the distinctiveness of its characters. But it seems sturdy enough, and the sheer utility of having so many variants on hand makes it suitable for lighthearted uses. Also, the price.

Update A few discerning type afficionados have pointed out to me that Tolyer is not very well designed. Upon closer inspection, I have to agree.