Slow Motion in a New York Minute

I initially thought this video was just a demonstration reel for Freefly Systems’ camera movement equipment, and was prepared to dismiss it as technological showboating. But as its four-plus minutes of slow-motion footage shot on the streets of New York City rolled by, I came to realize that it was capturing details that I hadn’t seen before, even after living in the city for many years—tiny, delicate moments, some of them unexpectedly abstract, hidden within the hurried onslaught of urban life.

Also, here is a behind-the-scenes piece on the making of this video.

Update: My friend Joe Holmes pointed out a very similar piece from artist James Nares—like the Freefly demo reel above, Nares’s is also called “Street.” It’s more extensive though, at a one-hour running time, and was shown at The Metropolitan Museum of Art last year. Here’s a short excerpt; the similarities are striking, if not suspicious.