Macworld Staff Laid Off

In some ways it’s a triumph that this day didn’t come sooner. Defying tremendous odds by surviving as a thoroughly respectable computer magazine up until now, Macworld Magazine was effectively shuttered today when its longtime publisher, IDG, abruptly laid off virtually its entire staff—just one day after they dutifully covered Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcements. Valleywag has the story here. Though the web site will continue, the print edition is no more.

Hardly anyone I know was still actually reading the printed magazine anymore, but I still subscribed. Along with The New Yorker, it has been the only paper subscription I’ve maintained over the past five, maybe even ten years. It feels like it’s been a long time since I found the concept of a magazine particularly interesting, but for some reason—maybe just habit—I still enjoyed getting Macworld in the mail. I’ll miss it, and I wish the departing team all the luck in the world.

Macworld Magazine Issue No. 1