A few people have mentioned to me the obvious links between Project LayUp and Mixel. As I mentioned in my post, the former was heavily influenced by lessons from the latter.

From time to time people send me links to various apps that also share some of the same DNA as Mixel. Here’s one that was sent to me today: Curator is an iPad app that lets users create what are sometimes called “mood boards.” A board starts with a grid of twenty-five empty boxes; users fill each box with whatever inspiration or reference material they like—images, Web pages, blocks of text.

Curator is very well designed and easy to use, though it seems to beg for an integration with the current mother of all visual inspiration, Pinterest. That service is so remarkable because almost anything that you can think that you’d want is already there, pinned and tagged by one of Pinterest’s millions of industrious users. A tool like Curator, perhaps with the added ability to combine multiple boxes into bigger boxes, would be a fantastic way to tailor a Pinterest board into something more fit for presentation. In case it wasn’t already obvious, this is something I’ve wanted to do with my Pinterest boards for some time.

Curator is free to download from the App Store (certain features are only available via in-app purchases). Find out more at