Los Angeles’ Old Theaters

Orpheum Theater, L.A.

Last Sunday, while I was in L.A. for Adobe’s MAX conference, a ten mile stretch of the city was shut down to auto traffic as part of the city’s ClicLAvia series, which runs a few times a year. It’s a chance for Angelenos to experience the city on foot or bicycle—rare for L.A.—and it feels like a combination of street party and parade.

I was staying at a hotel not far from the route, so I took a stroll north on Broadway to meet some friends who were starting out from Echo Park. I was surprised to discover how beautiful the architecture was; Broadway, aptly, used to be the city’s theater district, and there are still lots of old theater fronts along it. Many of them have been repurposed for other businesses, but their distinctive marquees remain. I took a bunch of pictures, which you can see after the jump.

Arcade Theater, L.A.
Broadway Arcade Building, L.A.
Theater in L.A.
Globe Theater, L.A.
Theater in L.A.
L.A. Super Start Inc., L.A.
Los Angeles Theater, L.A.
Roxie Theater, , L.A.
The State Theater, L.A.