Quarto from Hoefler & Co.

Quarto Typeface

Quarto is a new serif typeface from Hoefler & Co.. It was inspired by the work of Flemish punchcutter Hendrik van den Keere, and the marketing copy is a tour de force in inventive ways of saying interesting things about the uneventfulness of type design:

Its consistently dark strokes are offset by bright, crisp serifs; its resolute verticality is punctuated by moments of lavish roundness. This theme of ‘controlled contrast’ helped propel Quarto into territory unexplored by Van den Keere, including an italic whose fluid motions are checked by a steadfast rhythm, and heavier weights whose density is invigorated by sudden geometric turns and sharp corners. Like the Baroque models that inspired it, Quarto’s large x-height, short descenders, and trim serifs invite both tight tracking and solid leading, making it an excellent choice for headlines both in print and on screen.

If the font is not quite as thrilling as that passage makes it sound, it’s nevertheless a work of beauty. I’m already looking for excuses to use it, and at US$199 for all ten styles, it’s reasonably priced, too. (If you want to use it on the Web, you’ll need to subscribe to the company’s Cloud.typography service. I couldn’t find licensing options for usage in native apps.)

More at typography.com.