Kidpost Is Now Out of Beta

After several months of development, Kidpost is finally live and out of beta today! For those new to it, Kidpost is a simple service for parents that pulls pictures of your kids from social networks, bundles them into a nifty daily email, and sends that email along to friends and families. It’s the easiest way to “keep your loved ones up to date on your little ones,” as our tagline goes. Find out more at


Our launch version now includes a few extras that were not there when we rolled out the public beta back in June, including support for two new services: Kidpost can now pull from Twitter and Flickr, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

Kidpost Now Supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr

Additionally, if you don’t want to use our standard hashtag “#kidpost,” you can now set your own hashtag, e.g., “#smithfamily” or anything you like. We built this to give folks more control and privacy.

You Can Now Specify Your Own Hashtags for Kidpost Watch For

With our official launch, we’re also rolling out subscriptions. Here’s how they work: new users get sixty days to try Kidpost free, so if you sign up now, you can play with it through the holidays, and you don’t have to decide whether you like it enough to keep using it or not until early next year. There’s no credit card required to get started, so go give Kidpost a try right now.

If you do decide that you like it, you can subscribe to Kidpost for just US$3 per month or US$30 per year—ridiculously cheap, in other words. We worked hard to keep the price point at that “no brainer” level. An annual subscription works out to be incredibly competitive with most online services out there.

(Beta testers get a special discount—and if you signed up for Kidpost before yesterday, then you qualify as a beta tester. Look for an email from us with more information.)

Also, just as before, Kidpost is always free for your friends and family—and you can now designate as many as 100 of them to receive your Kidpost email digests.

Finally, getting to launch is particularly sweet for me not only because of all the hard work that Matt and I put into it, but also because it’s our first opportunity to announce that we’ve been joined by my friend and former co-founder at Mixel, Scott Ostler. Scott came aboard late in the summer when our previous partner, Mike, had to leave the project due to time constraints. Mike did such a fantastic job that we were worried we wouldn’t be able to replace him, but luckily Scott was in a position to take over. We’ve been working nights and weekends to get Kidpost done ever since, and it feels so rewarding to start building stuff with Scott again after the lamented wind-down of Mixel. If you’re interested, I wrote about how Mixel directly influenced Kidpost back in June in “this post.”

We’ve been using Kidpost ourselves, with our friends and families, for months, and it’s been a big hit with our loved ones. If you’re the parent of a young child, and you have friends and family who are having trouble keeping up with the pictures you post to social media, I urge you to give it a try.