The Original Macintosh, Circa 2015

This concept design from Curved Labs pays tribute to the original 1984 Macintosh design by reconfiguring a MacBook Air into a novel, beautiful new form factor. From the front, it looks very much like its antecedent, but from the side it’s more reminiscent Hitchcock’s portrait—it suggests the mass of the thing it represents by merely tracing its profile. There’s an SD card slot where the old floppy disk slot sat, and on the back you can find USB 3.0 and Lightning ports. A FaceTime camera is included as well.

The Original Macintosh, Circa 2015
Curved Labs Mac side-by-side with Original Macintosh
Curved Labs Mac Face to Face with Original Macintosh

I particularly like the way these product photos are shot with a gauzy, full-color sheen and dark background that’s very reminiscent of similar commercial photography from the 1980s. That’s follow-through.

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