Now Hiring a Designer at Wildcard

Wildcard: Designer Wanted

Almost everything you see at Wildcard was designed by my colleague Stephen Meszaros and myself, but we want to change that. As of today, we’re officially looking to add a third member to our small design team. You can see the listing and job description at Authentic Jobs, where you can also apply.

People often ask why I joined Wildcard, where I’m an employee and not a founder, after having founded a few companies of my own. There are lots of reasons, including some very good ones for those who like substantial design challenges in an engineering-rich but design-savvy company culture. But the best reason is that the co-founders at Wildcard have put a premium on hiring good people—not just talented people, of which there are a lot, but also genuine people. As a result, working at Wildcard is not only professionally rewarding, but also highly enjoyable. It’s a wonderful team. We’re looking for the right new designer to join it.