“How They Got There” on The Big Web Show

“How They Got There” Cover

Tomorrow at 11:00a Eastern, I’ll be joining the estimable Jeffrey Zeldman on his wonderful podcast The Big Web Show. You can tune in at that time to hear us chat live or, starting about an hour or so later, you can grab the episode via iTunes and listen to it in your favorite podcast player.

We’ll be talking about—well, whatever Jeffrey wants to talk about, because when he invites you to appear on his show, you say “yes” even if he just wants to talk about the weather. But hopefully we’ll find some time to talk about my new book, “How They Got There: Interviews With Digital Designers About Their Careers,” which is getting very close to being released. Very close! (If you missed my announcement last month, read it here.)

If you haven’t done so yet, you should sign up for the book’s mailing list. You’ll get an early bird discount when it goes on sale, but before that, if everything goes according to plan, you’ll also get a sneak peek at a sample chapter. Sign up at howtheygotthere.us.

Update: The episode is now available at 5by5.tv.