Erika Hall—How She Got There

Response to my new book “How They Got There: Interviews With Digital Designers About Their Careers” has been really fantastic so far. I’m humbled by and grateful for all of the great notes I’ve been getting from people who have read it and told me how it’s exactly the inspiration and encouragement that they’ve been looking for. Thanks to everyone who’s bought it so far, and thanks to all of those who have helped spread the word.

Some of you may remember that I offered a free sample of the book’s first thirty pages, including my interview with Dribbble’s Dan Cederholm, to people who signed up for my mailing list. That offer is gone, but I’m so convinced that people who get a taste of the interviews in the book will want to read more that I’ve decided to publish a different chapter over at Medium. This time, I’m running my interview with Mule Design Studio co-founder Erika Hall in its entirety. As I write in the introduction, it was the first of the interviews I conducted for the book, and so it had special importance:

I knew that, if it went off well, our discussion would serve as a kind of template for the others that would follow, and so I was relieved when Erika talked about her professional life with such unaffected candor and incisive wit. Her tales of the first dot-com bubble and burst, and how she salvaged from that wreckage the building blocks that would lead to Mule Design, were exactly what I was looking for. This interview remains one of my very favorites from all of the ones I conducted for ‘How They Got There.’

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