Breakfast with the Adobe Comp CC Team

Adobe Comp CC

If you’re free the morning of next Tue 28 Apr and you’ll be in New York City, I invite you to join me and my collaborators from the Adobe Comp CC team at General Assembly in the Flatiron District. We’ll be serving breakfast and holding an open discussion about how design processes are changing in the mobile and cloud era. This is part of Adobe’s efforts to rethink its approach to design tools across platforms; we’ll be talking about the ideas and development of Comp CC, and sharing some of Adobe’s thinking on the present and future of design tools. Just as importantly, Adobe looks at this as an opportunity to hear firsthand from working designers about what’s important in the tools and workflow landscape today, so we hope you’ll come with all your feedback and opinions on what you’re seeing in the market right now and what you’d like to see. We expect a lively discussion.

The event is free and tickets are available at, though space is limited so RSVP before it’s all booked up. More about Comp CC here.