Glaser Stencil

F37 Glaser Stencil “1967” Type Sample

British designer Rick Banks, founder of Face37, based his new typeface F37 Glaser Stencil on this poster designed by Milton Glaser in 1967.

Milton Glaser Poster for Carnegie Hall 1967

I’d be the last to deny that Glaser is a paragon of the design industry but some of his more flamboyant works, like this poster, leave me less thrilled than others. Nevertheless, F37 Glaser Stencil is a wonderful bit of historical revivalism. It looks fresh and vibrant and fully relevant; I hope it catches on and that we’ll see a lot of it soon.

F37 Glaser Stencil Type Specimen
F37 Glaser Stencil “Milton Glaser” Type Sample

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