Pizza Hut Projector Box

Pizza Hut Projector Box

I hesitated to post this because I hate the insidious nature of its wasteful, pointless marketing agenda. Still, I admit there is some cleverness in the way that advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather have redesigned the standard cardboard pizza box to work as a MacGyver-ized video projector.

The box has an extra compartment with a perforation for a camera hole, and the pizza saver support comes with a plastic lens that can be popped out and fitted into that hole. Use your smartphone to scan a QR code that allows you to pick one of the movies from Pizza Hut’s selection (I assume the movies have been edited so that their images are reversed), put the phone inside the box, dim the lights and you’re watching a probably not very high quality image projected on your wall.

It seems unlikely that most consumers would ever use this projector more than once before throwing the contraption in the trash, but the gimmick is still notable as a demonstration of how brands will do almost anything to work up a smartphone angle to their products. This video shows the whole thing in its shameless glory:

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