Design Tools Survey Preliminary Findings

Design Tools Survey Closed

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in my Design Tools Survey over the past nine days. Today I closed the survey, but not before logging answers from literally thousands of people. What a fantastic response.

Now comes the hard part: I’ll be taking the next few weeks to parse the results and try to turn them into something interesting. I hope to publish a full set of results soon, but because I know there’s intense interest in this topic, here is a topline summary of some of the major results from the survey.

  • What is your primary tool for brainstorming/ideation? Pencil and paper
  • What is your primary tool for wireframing? Sketch
  • What is your primary tool for interface design? Sketch
  • What is your primary tool for prototyping? HTML/CSS
  • What tools do you use for project management? Slack was the top answer
  • What tools do you use for version control/file management? Dropbox was the top answer

I hesitated to publish even these preliminary findings because the data tells much more nuanced stories than these few outcomes suggest. That’s what I hope to do in a thoughtful way within a few weeks, hopefully with the help of some smart and talented friends I’m trying to conscript into the project. If you’re interested in the results (and you didn’t already opt in for notification while taking the survey), be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to find out when they’re released.


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