Major Update to Kidpost


I’m very happy to announce that Kidpost, the service some friends and I are building to make it easier for parents to share their kid photos with tech-challenged friends and family, is rolling out a major upgrade today. This new version sports a sleeker, cleaner design, but more importantly, it lets you send your first Kidpost in just a minute or two. Give it a try now at

Before this, Kidpost worked solely via hashtags. Parents would post photos of their kids to Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and/or Twitter with the hashtag #kidpost (or a user-defined custom hashtag) and the service would automatically send those photos out to their friends and family. It worked great as a very lightweight, easy method of making sure what parents post to social media also makes it into the email inboxes of their loved ones.

In fact, we’re not changing how that works at all (it’s still our favorite way to send Kidposts). What we’re adding is the ability to also send Kidposts without hashtags, which is faster and more immediate—especially for new users. With this update, once you create a Kidpost account we immediately show you thumbnails of your recently posted photos. That looks like this:

Send a Kidpost Even Faster Than Before

All you have to do is select the ones that you want to send out, and Kidpost does the rest. Of course, as always, you get to decide who gets these emails—no one sees them unless they’re on your list of friends and family, and you can add and remove people at any time.

Kidpost has been a labor of love for us, and we’re so grateful to the many folks who have been using it as we’ve been evolving it over the past year and a half. We’re also incredibly gratified by the many, many times we’ve heard our users tell us, “My family loves Kidpost! They can’t get enough!” If you have kids and you’ve got tech-challenged friends and family, or just folks whom you know would love to get the kid pictures you share on Instagram, etc., please give it a try—and tell a friend!