Mad Max: Fury Road Began as This Drawing

Drawing for “Mad Max: Fury Road”

A wonderful example of the importance of the fundamental skill of drawing to the complex art of moviemaking: this image is a comic strip-like storyboard produced by visionary director George Miller as the first draft of what would become “Mad Max: Fury Road” (at least according to this tweet from user Will McCrabb). Looking at it closely, it’s remarkable to see how Miller structured the major plot points of the film in sketch form and how effective that planning was. With some details changed, the final plot is essentially the same, even though the drawing was dated 3 Mar 1999, sixteen years before the movie was actually released.

I wrote briefly about “Fury Road” in this June blog post; I still consider it to be one of the very best movies of the year. It’s out now on video, so if you haven’t seen it, you have no excuse to continue depriving yourself.