Hobeaux Samples

Hobeaux (pronounced ho-BO, emphasis on the second syllable) is a modern update of the historically scorned typeface Hobo. Its creator, type designer James T. Edmondson, writes:

It was striking to me that even though few consider it a favorite, Hobo has somehow survived every technological leap in type. It started in metal, maintained popularity in the photo typesetting era, was digitized in the 80s, and now comes pre-installed on almost every personal computer—an amazing feat considering its name is derived from the fact that no one wanted to care for it in the first place.

Lest you think this is an elaborate joke—why would someone feel the need to rehabilitate Hobo?!—the price will clue you in on just how serious Edmondson is. Or maybe it’s just part of the joke. I honestly can’t tell.

More at ohnotype.co. Via Typewolf.