More Project Comet in This Demo Video

Project Comet User Interface

Wow, the reception for Project Comet, Adobe’s newly announced, purpose-built UX/UI design and prototyping tool, has been tremendous. Here’s another tease: a great hands-on demo of the app from Comet’s very talented lead designer Talin Wadsworth, as interviewed at this week’s Adobe MAX conference by Terry White, our design and photography evangelist.

This is a more extensive demonstration of what Comet can do than we saw in Monday’s keynote; it runs about thirty minutes long, and Wadsworth answers lots of user questions that folks have had about the product since its announcement. But if you want to see what this fantastic new app does in detail—and also get a glimpse at how Repeat Grid can materially change the design process—it’s worth it.

Learn more about Project Comet and sign up for the public beta in early 2016 at Also read my blog post about the announcement.