Unsplash, Curated by Yours Truly

Unsplash Collection

The photo above is one of ten images that I curated as part of this week’s featured collection at Unsplash, the premier outlet for high quality, entirely free—do whatever you like with them—stock photos. I’m not sure there’s any special significance to the fact that this is collection number one hundred, but I’m honored all the same. Here are thumbnails of the rest of the set:

Thumbnails from Unsplash Collection

When you make a curated collection for Unsplash you get a peek at the many photos yet to be released to the public; I was pleasantly surprised to realize that there are tons of great ones just waiting to for their public debut. At first I wasn’t sure how to pick amongst them, but eventually I settled on a theme in which all of the images in my collection include figures whose faces are either turned away from the camera entirely or obscured somehow. This was inspired by—stolen from, really—this genius Pinterest board from my friend Ariel Aberg-Riger which collects hundreds of images of “no face” shots. My Unsplash collection is just a faint echo of that one but it does have the very nice benefit of being yours to do whatever you like with. Enjoy.

See the full collection at unsplash.com.