Logos for 2024 Olympic Bids

Logo for Paris 2024 Olympics Bid
Logo for Los Angeles 2024 Olympics Bid
Logo for Rome 2024 Olympics Bid

Here are the official logos for three of the four candidate cities vying to host the 2024 Olympic Games; the fourth city, Budapest, has yet to unveil the visual identity for its bid. To me, the logo for Paris is the best by far; it’s both visually inventive and a bit daring in its blending of abstract visual forms. Rome’s logo shows a surprisingly inept mastery of basic draughtsmanship. Los Angeles’s is mostly inoffensive, though the bid’s official site is superbly executed. It’s worth noting that all three employ gradients to some extent; this is the age we live in, I suppose.

More at paris2024.org, 2024roma.org and la24.org. I’ll add Budapest’s logo here when it’s released but that city’s official bid site is at www.mob.hu. Also, if you live in any of these four cities, don’t say no one warned you to find an excuse to be away from home eight summers from now.