Typeface: A New Font Manager


For a long while, I had stopped using third party font managers and would just manually move fonts in and out of the Fonts folder in OS X’s Library directory. In recent years I’ve been using Apple’s awkward but workable Font Book app.

Every once in a while a new font manager comes along that tempts me, though, like this one from a shop called Criminal Bird, called (perhaps too archly) Typeface. It looks elegantly designed and promises to allow you to compare typefaces with overlays. The app’s marketing says that “It helps you pick the perfect font” which struck me as a great idea—a font manager that suggests complementary typeface pairings would be a real, attention-getting innovation. Alas, it doesn’t seem like Typeface does that, but maybe the next contender will.

Learn more at typeface.criminalbird.com or buy it for just US$10 on the App Store.