Movies Watched, March 2016

“Hail, Caesar!”

As I mentioned last month, I’m trying to stay away from TV in favor of movies, and I’ve been tracking what I watch with a diary on Letterboxd. (Even better, last month Letterboxd released an iPhone app, which makes tracking even easier.) It’s been a lot of fun; I don’t miss TV nearly as much as I’m enjoying watching (and re-watching) movies I never seemed to have time for before. I was able to clock eighteen of them in March; only one of which (“Black Mass”) I could really call a dud. Here’s the list:

March 2016

For the month, the best movies I watched for the first time were either “Two Days, One Night” or “Carol,” with a very slight edge going to the former. The best one I re-watched was “Goodfellas,” by a mile. In spite of its age that movie still feels as vibrant and alive as anything in theaters today.

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