Hand-drawn Rendering of 3D Objects and Animation

Examples of StyLit Renderings

StyLit is a research project from The Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction at the Czech Technical University in Prague and Adobe Research that combines traditional, analog drawing skills with 3D modeling and animation. The video below, starting at 2:18, shows how an artist’s natural media rendering of a simple sphere can be applied in real time to complex 3D models like a tea kettle, an animal and even a human hand and a human figure—and then easily transformed into rich animations.

Essentially, StyLit is able to use a single drawing as the basis for an expansive aesthetic vision. So long as you have the 3D models at hand, you could feasibly extrapolate a complete, stylistic world from very little work—work that, crucially, is virtually indistinguishable from the approachable, non-technical expressive methods that humans have been using for millennia. The computer does it for you.

More at dcgi.fel.cvut.cz.