Introducing Adobe Design Again

Adobe Design

There’s a lot of pretty phenomenal new thinking at Adobe, especially among the designers working here—there’s new leadership, new faces, new approaches to building products, and even a new brand. For many years, the internal design group went under the moniker “Adobe Experience Design,” but of course that’s the name of our new flagship product design app. The new name is now simply “Adobe Design,” and recently a few intrepid designers developed a new mark and system for it. It looks terrific, if you ask me, but what I’m really excited about is the more public-facing, community-oriented shift that this signals. In the coming months, you’ll see Adobe Design be more active in the industry. Meanwhile, have a closer look at the new identity over at

Congrats to Anny Chen, Shawn Cheris, Sonja Hernandez and Sam Wick on the excellent work.

Adobe Design Graphics