Looking for Beta Testers for Handlr

Last year, in this blog post, I mentioned in passing a macOS utility that my friend Scott Ostler and I have been tinkering with, on and off, for several years. It’s called “Handlr” (we’ve since dropped the “e”) and it intercepts links that you might click on in apps like Slack, Mail, Messages, Notes, Preview, etc. and lets you decide which browser to open them in. The interface looks like this:


There was enough interest in Handlr that we decided to finally finish the work and release it to the public. It’s just about ready, but before we pull the trigger, we’re hoping to find a handful of beta testers to help us kick the tires and make sure it’s really sturdy. So if you use multiple browsers (or would like to) and want to have more control over where your links are opened, please head over to this Google form and sign up to be a beta tester. With luck we’ll have this out before too long. Thanks!